Tuesday, October 31, 2017

You just found a 6 Monitor Stand that Holds 30-40 inch Screens!

Have you been wanting to use larger screens for your array? Want a few larger monitors instead of several smaller ones? SUPER PC is the only company in the world offering the solution!

We've engineered a robust, beautiful, affordable, and versatile Stand. When you need to support up to Six 40 Inch Monitors the SUPERPC40-3X2 is the best and ONLY solution for the task.
 3x2 | 6 Monitor Stand for Large Monitors
Where others have failed to see the necessity, SUPER PC has risen to the challenge! This stand is one of a kind! Amazing for Day Traders, Editors, and Professionals of any variety.

You aren't limited to Six 40 inch screens either. You can add any size smaller to the stand. Each side bracket can move anywhere along the arm! Which is great for people that enjoy using monitors in Portrait Mode.   
 Technical Specifications:

  • VESA Mounting Patterns Supported: 75×75mm and 100×100mm compatible
  • Monitor viewing height can be adjusted by moving arms up/down the Pole.
  • The height of each monitor can be adjusted individually
  • LED monitors can be tilted, swiveled, and rotated
  • 360° rotating mounting heads to accommodate landscape and portrait modes
  • Mounting heads tilt (Up/Down) 180°, swivel (Left/Right) 180° and rotate 360°
  • With a heavy-weighted metal base, easy to install in minutes
  • Package contains all hardware necessary for mounting
  • The color of the monitor stand is black
  • Item weighs 65.0 lbs

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SUPER PC | 6 Monitor Stand | 3x2 | Supports up to 40 inch Monitors

Do you want a custom Multiple Monitor Mount that you just can't find anywhere?
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SUPER PC | 3x3 Video Wall Controller | Why other brands are a huge gamble!

Do you have an in-depth knowledge on controllers? Most people don't! Several Controllers have claimed to be able to handle a large amount of monitors, 4k inputs, multiple array formations, and a host of other promises. It's hard to know what you're getting into until you have the product in hand. SUPER PC is here to help you find out what you need and why you need it!

We're spotlighting one of SUPER PC's premiere models. How it works, why it's unique, and why would need it...

The Amazing SUPER PC-VWC 3X3 Video Wall Controller allows you to create almost any array you want. You can have 9 monitors in a straight line, 3 wide by 3 tall, or ANYTHING in between. It's a phenomenal and affordable way to achieve a massive video wall for any purpose.

| 1x2 | 1x3 | 1x4 | 1x5 | 1x6 | 1x7 | 1x8 | 1x9 | 2x1 | 3x1 | 4x1 | 5x1 | 6x1 | 7x1 | 8x1 | 9x1 | 2x4

It can receive a wide variety of source inputs to provide imagery to the Wall as well. You can use USB, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and AV inputs to provide source Imagery and audio. It's as simple as plugging in your device and having it load up on your Monitors!

This model also has built in bezel correction! You won't have to worry about missing any part of the image due to a border between screens. Just let the controller do the work for you. Other controllers won't even mention this. Mainly because they don't offer it! Your image is being spread over the wall with any controller. What they don't like to mention is;if you don't have bezel correction, you're missing ANY part of that image where the borders are.

SUPER PC Video Wall Controllers are compatible with (and bypass all issues that would be created by) HDCP [High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection] encrypted video streams. Due to our innovative split/crop/upscale approach of creating a video wall array, HDCP blackouts will never be a worry for our customers. 

This also means any source material you use will be "Upscaled" across the entire Video Wall. So you don't run into problems with your picture quality dropping as the space increases! Our Video Wall Controllers will always work with HDCP content, past, present, and future, no matter how many new versions are released! Other controller brands do not work with HDCP content, which would include Cable TV Channels, Blu-Ray players, Netflix, X-Box One, and just about everything else HD, besides custom created videos. 

While everyone else struggles to find the latest expensive HDCP Bypassing Adapter (when new HDCP updates are released), SUPER PC customers will enjoy a hassle-free experience and continuous video streams throughout the life of their unit! Other brand users will be out of commission for months at a time, until the next fix is developed, and will be forced to pay hundreds of dollars for an additional hardware box added to the chain (which will also require more HDMI cables and power outlets). Save yourself the time, money and headache with a SUPER PC Video Wall Controller! We identified the common issues and solved them! It is truly a Stand-Alone Experience!

If you're in the market for a controller this is one of the best products in the world! Controllers are revolutionizing the way Signage companies and others have shared their products. Don't get left behind! Get ahead of the curve and separate yourself from the competition with an amazing product from an Established and Cutting-edge company. 

If you're interested in purchasing this 3x3 VIDEO WALL CONTROLLER you can find it here:


Friday, October 13, 2017

Where can I find a 9 Screen Multiple Monitor Stand (3x3) that Supports 27 inch Displays?

Congratulations! You have just found the only 3x3 Nine Monitor Stand on the Market!

SUPER PC has finally brought a wonderful product to the market that can support up to Nine 27 inch monitors in a 3x3 array, mounted on dual base desk stand. Until now, if you wanted a 3x3 display array set up in your office, you would have to mount your screens on the wall, using individual wall mounts (which is a very complicated task). 

But not any more! The SPC9MS1 now makes it easy for anyone to setup an amazing 9 monitor computer system in their home office, or work area! Special carpentry skills are no longer required!

 SUPER PC | 9 Monitor Desk Stand

SUPER PC | 9 Monitor Stand | Supports 3x3 Display Array up to 27 inch Screens
  • Maximum Assembled Stand Dimensions = (Width x Height x Depth) 63" x 45" x 13"
  • Dual Stand Bases provide excellent stabilization while maintaining a low profile
  • VESA Mounting Hole patterns supported = (75 x 75 mm) and (100 x 100 mm)
  • VESA plates (open top slots) ease the process of mounting your screens
  • Monitors can be hand adjusted to both portrait, or landscape orientation
  • Protective padding on base prevents scratches and scuffs on your desk
  • Outer mounts slide along the horizontal arms to adjust monitor position
  • Horizontal Mounting arms are Height adjustable up and down the pole
  • Integrated cable management system (plastic clips on arms and poles)
  • Surround Arc Design is perfect for flat-screen or curved LED monitors
  • Maximum Recommended Weight Capacity = 20 lbs per Mount
  • Individual Mount Tilt: -35 to +35 degrees (hand adjustable)
  • Individual Mount Rotate: 360 degrees (hand adjustable)
  • All necessary tools and parts are Included for assembly
  • Made from high quality heavy-duty lightweight steel

Do you need a custom Multiple Monitor Stand that you just can't find anywhere?
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