Friday, October 13, 2017

Where can I find a 9 Screen Multiple Monitor Stand (3x3) that Supports 27 inch Displays?

Congratulations! You have just found the only 3x3 Nine Monitor Stand on the Market!

SUPER PC has finally brought a wonderful product to the market that can support up to Nine 27 inch monitors in a 3x3 array, mounted on dual base desk stand. Until now, if you wanted a 3x3 display array set up in your office, you would have to mount your screens on the wall, using individual wall mounts (which is a very complicated task). 

But not any more! The SPC9MS1 now makes it easy for anyone to setup an amazing 9 monitor computer system in their home office, or work area! Special carpentry skills are no longer required!

 SUPER PC | 9 Monitor Desk Stand

SUPER PC | 9 Monitor Stand | Supports 3x3 Display Array up to 27 inch Screens
  • Maximum Assembled Stand Dimensions = (Width x Height x Depth) 63" x 45" x 13"
  • Dual Stand Bases provide excellent stabilization while maintaining a low profile
  • VESA Mounting Hole patterns supported = (75 x 75 mm) and (100 x 100 mm)
  • VESA plates (open top slots) ease the process of mounting your screens
  • Monitors can be hand adjusted to both portrait, or landscape orientation
  • Protective padding on base prevents scratches and scuffs on your desk
  • Outer mounts slide along the horizontal arms to adjust monitor position
  • Horizontal Mounting arms are Height adjustable up and down the pole
  • Integrated cable management system (plastic clips on arms and poles)
  • Surround Arc Design is perfect for flat-screen or curved LED monitors
  • Maximum Recommended Weight Capacity = 20 lbs per Mount
  • Individual Mount Tilt: -35 to +35 degrees (hand adjustable)
  • Individual Mount Rotate: 360 degrees (hand adjustable)
  • All necessary tools and parts are Included for assembly
  • Made from high quality heavy-duty lightweight steel

Do you need a custom Multiple Monitor Stand that you just can't find anywhere?
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