Thursday, November 23, 2017

SUPER PC | Quad Monitor "Behind Desk" Floor Stand | 2x2 Array

SUPER PC has come out with a large line of Floor stands. 

This article's highlight is the SPC6MFS2X2C. If you have a smaller desk, no desk, glass surface desk, or even a large desk with valuable your work space this is for you.  These stands are height adjustable and allow for a multi-monitor array without cluttering up a your work surface. You could even use them as Free-Standing media centers in your home or office. With a Four Screen Stand you have several options for Displays and Stand placement.

This series of stands come standard with a low profile extra wide base. This makes it ideal for safe placement in high traffic areas, securely behind a desk, or as a sleek addition to media center furniture. They are incredibly sturdy and have a very pleasant finish. Here are the Four Display Single Base Stands more detailed specs:
SUPER PC | 4 Monitor "Behind the desk" Floor Stand | Mount up to 24 inch Screens

  • Maximum Assembled Stand Dimensions = (Height x Width x Depth) 46 to 65 x 32 x 18 inches
  • Steel I-beam-frame base provides excellent stabilization with a very light-weight profile
  • VESA plates (with open top slots) ease the process of mounting your monitors
  • VESA Mounting Hole patterns supported = (75 x 75 mm) and (100 x 100 mm)
  • This product is a great option for a "Behind the Desk" multi-monitor stand
  • Monitors can be hand adjusted to both portrait, or landscape orientation
  • Articulating arm design is perfect for flat-screen or curved LED monitors
  • Horizontal Mounting arms are Height adjustable up and down the pole
  • Integrated cable management system (plastic clips on arms and poles)
  • Product disassembles into small portable pieces, for easy transport
  • Maximum Recommended Weight Capacity = 15 lbs per Mount
  • Individual Mount Tilt: -15 to +15 degrees (hand adjustable)
  • Individual Mount Rotate: 360 degrees (hand adjustable)
  • All necessary tools and parts are Included for assembly
  • Made from high quality heavy-duty lightweight steel
  • 5-Year Warranty | Free Part Replacement Program

This Featured model can be found and purchased here
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