Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SUPER PC I-EX9 Video Wall Controller


The SUPER PC I-EX9 Video Wall Controller System offers the ultimate solution for high specification video wall and data walls or multi-screen desktop

applications. They say one picture is worth a thousand words, well that is true when mission critical environment requires you to monitor more information as a necessity. Our SUPER PC I-EX9 Video Wall Controller System will help you visualize your applications & video streams for security, traffic management control room, financial data trading rooms, or simply for advertising, tradeshow, board rooms, Multiple Monitor Command Centers, Multiple Monitor Flight Simulator settings, Logistics, Hospitals, Multiple Monitor Virtual Game Based Training , Multiple Monitor Cultural Awareness Training, Multiple Monitor Water Purification Unit Training, concentrated Multiple Monitor Trade Station interactions, fire fighter training and Touch Technology Multi-Monitor Video-Wall Displays.

  1. 1 to 48 display channels using the SUPERPC XtremeVision graphics card
  2. 4 to 128 video capture channels using the VisionSD8 or SUPER PC XtremeRGB-Ex4+ capture  cards
  3. 1 to 32 SD-SDI/ HD-SDI/ 3G-SD capture channels using the SUPER PC XtremeRGB/DVI capture cards
  4. Expand with 1 or 2 SUPER PC X9+ expansion chassis providing a maximum of 25 PCIExpress slots
  5. Compatible with SUPER PC Wall Control software application VigiControl
  6. Cost efficient controller solution
The SUPER PC I-EX9 wall controller is the latest addition to the SUPER PC range of video wall controller solutions. With SUPER PC’s advanced graphics display technology, the SUPER PC I-EX9 offers full flexibility in display types and orientation, video management, input and output configurations.
The SUPER PC I-EX9 features an Intel Core i7 processor providing increased capability for system data video processing. The 19” industrial PC chassis has been designed for display controller applications specifically in mind and offers a compact extensible design, yet with excellent airflow management, making it easy to install and manage in difficult physical environments.

System Architecture
This SUPER PC I-EX9 video wall controller has been designed, developed and optimized to operate with the latest generation of our SUPER PC PCI Express graphics and video capture cards. The graphics cards are PCI Express compatible providing support for HD, SD, DVI and RGB video overlays. They can provide a maximum resolution of 4 x 1920 x 1200 x 32 bit. SUPER PC video capture cards provide HD capture or HDMI capture capabilities as well as a number of high resolution video capture modes including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, Dual Link DVI, RGB, VGA and Composite; for Analog video and Standard Definition.

The SUPER PC I-EX9 video wall controller is built around SUPER PC I-EX9 Backplane and SBC2 single board computer. The SUPER PC I-EX9 Back plane features nine slot back plane for flexibility. The SBC2 features an Intel Core i7 2600 processor, 8GB of memory (16GB option available) a full set of I/O and RS232 for automation solutions.
The SUPER PC I-EX9 has a SUPER PC I-EX9 Backplane, a nine slot PCI Express backplane eight 4-lane slots plus one 8-lane slot. To provide flexibility and a solution to the larger project, this wall controller can be used with proven SUPER PC I-EX9+ expansion chassis, increasing the number of available PCI Express slots.

The S-Link card can be used instead of a PICMG 1.3 SBC to configure the SUPER PC I-EX9 Backplane as an expansion back plane from a standard PC or from other SUPER PC-X9+ Expansion Chassis back planes by connecting to an H-Link card.

The SUPER PC I-EX9 has an industrial SBC to provide reliability, also air flow management is optimized through the fan and chassis build. SUPER PC VigiControl monitor is a software application for monitoring system status for SUPER PC’s video wall controllers. This application will monitor; CPU core(s) temperature, system PSU voltages and GPU temperatures. It can provide the user with a warning which is either an audio notification, an error message or an email if the voltages and temperature are out of specification. SUPER PC VigiControl monitor can shut down the system automatically if any readings become critical.

SUPERPC offers a full suite of software applications for display control in different applications and business environments, to meet a diverse set of customer requirements. A well structured set of graphics and video capture drivers allows OEM suppliers to build efficient display control and content management applications, making full use of the underlying hardware capability, whilst being protected from the intricate details of hardware resource management. SUPER PC Wall Control application offers an effective tool for display controllers in diverse end user markets.

SUPER PC  VigiControl-red video wall software is designed to make full use of SUPER PC graphics and capture hardware technology and maximizes the use of available hardware acceleration both on video inputs and outputs. SUPER PC VigiControl-red video wall software allows advanced interactive desktop control and configuration, interactively opening, moving, sizing and positioning video overlay, RGB/ DVI/ SD/ HD windows and Microsoft Windows application software. This is a useful application where specific areas of captured input need to be individually display and controlled, such as command and control video walls. SUPER PC IP Video Server augments SUPER PC VigiControl-red video wall software enabling large numbers of simultaneous IP video streams from cameras or other source. IP Video Server can be used in conjunction with SUPER PC Render Station up to 240 IP video windows.

 Main Chassis

SBC2 Intel Core™ i7 and i5 processor based in PICMG 1.3 SHB with DDR SDRAM
Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
VGA output
System Memory
8GB DDR3 system memory
Disk Storage
Two 500GB removable SATA hard drives
Input Devices USB
Keyboard and mouse
CD Drive
One DVD/ RW combo drive
Length: 500mm, including handles
Height: 175mm
Width: 482.1mm
Weight: 19 to 25 kg
Shipping Weight: 30 to 33kg

Operating System
Microsoft Windows7 64 bit
Compatible with
SUPER PC VigiControl, video wall management software application
Expansion Chassis

Expansion Kit
SUPER PC I-EX9 Backplane providing one x8 lane slot and eight x4 lane slots

Dual cooling fans with removable air filter
Power Consumption
500 Watt redundant PSU or 600 Watt ATX PSU
Operating temperature: 0 to 35°C
3 year warranty for the SUPER PC I-EX9 Backplane

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