Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Super PC, Samsung, MD230X Technology, And ATI Eyefinity Work Together!

To help you create the ideal multi-display environment, the Samsung MD Series bundles with a precision aligned 100mm height adjustable stand that ensures perfectly aligned bezels and supports several multi-display formats. The MD230X6 features a total of 6 displays that can be operated with one remote control keypad for ultimate convenience.

Ultra-Thin Bezel, Super-Seamless Viewing
To facilitate the creation of a seamlessmulti-display environment, the Samsung MD series features an ultra-thin bezel. At only 7.6 mm (left and right sides), 9.2mm (top), and 8.2mm (bottom), multiple Samsung MD series can be combined either vertically or horizontally to create a video wall that is clearly superior.

Brilliant Full HD Picture Quality
Complete your multi-display experience with the highest picture quality you can get—full HD. The MD series offers a stunningly clear picture thanks to an incredible 3,000 : 1 static contrast ratio and a 150,000 : 1 dynamic contrast ratio. And with a wide angle view of 178˚ / 178˚, the picture looks razor-sharp from every direction.

Specialized Stand Supplied
To provide specialized support for the different multidisplay formats, Samsung MD series offers a specialized stand as a standard. The ergonomic 100mm height adjustable stand, with a precision aligned bezel fit and a 30 degree tilt function, is designed for optimal multi-display environment.

Convenient Connection Options
Worried you won't have enough outlets to hook up every display? No problem—the MD series features a simple power connection. With Display Port (DP), DVI, and VGA interfaces available, the Samsung MD series is equipped to connect conveniently to a variety of analog or digital sources.

Multi-Display Control
The Samsung MD series come with an intuitive, easy-to-use Multi Control Pad that can control up to 6 monitors simultaneously. Monitor selection is simple, enabling you to select from automatic preset modes to customize the on-screen environment to meet your exact needs.

See more. Do more.

AMD Eyefinity technology enables you to run up to six independent and simultaneous displays with a single graphics card.1 By expanding your field of view across multiple high-resolution monitors, you can see more detail than ever, helping to increase your workflow productivity. You can manage multitasking more efficiently, and view more data, applications, and images at once.

 AMD Eyefinity technology gives you more visual real estate to view large scale models and multiple applications at the same time in a single, large workspace. You can operate up to six high-resolution displays simultaneously and independently, flexibly configured in various combinations of landscape and portrait orientations. Group multiple monitors into a large integrated display surface, enabling windowed and full-screen 3D applications, images, and video to span across multiple displays as one desktop workspace. Multiple display outputs enable multiple 3D displays with independent display resolution, refresh rate, and display rotation settings.

AMD Eyefinity technology helps you get more things done. It allows you and others on your team to physically and simultaneously display and view multiple documents or applications for efficient discussion and collaboration. Multi-tasking is easy since you no longer need to flip documents and applications back and forth between windows. It helps improve accuracy and speed your workflow.

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