Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SUPER PC:How to Setup Multi-Monitors: Multiple Monitor Settings For Windows 7

SUPER PC | Multiple Monitor Settings: Instructions for Windows 7
While your computer is off, plug in the amount of monitors that you wish to use
into the back of the computer. (If you're not sure which display outputs best fit your needs, click here.) It doesn't really matter which port you plug each monitor.
Then turn on the computer. All of the monitors may not come online until you set them
up in the display settings located in your Control Panel. When using Windows 7 it should
detect and enable each monitor automatically once plugged into the computer.
Windows 7 Settings:  Start Menu > Control Panel > Display
1)   Right Click on your Desktop and select Screen Resolution from menu.
      Or go to your Control Panel (change to small icons) and choose Display.
2)  A small window will pop up that will look like the following image:  
3)  Separately, click on each numbered blue box to highlight it, and choose the option called
      Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor from the menu called Multiple Displays.
After you enable each of the monitors, click the Apply button. All of the monitors should
come online, if not already on. We recommend using the your monitor’s native resolution
for the best video performance.
4)  To arrange, click the Identify button. You will see a number on each blue screen.
      Use this to guide you, to drag and arrange the “Blue Numbered Boxes” into
      any configuration that you would like. Then click Apply again.
That should do the trick! You won’t have to set this up again, unless you want to
change your monitor arrangement. It will automatically remember your settings
every time you restart your computer. Now it’s time to have some amazing fun!

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